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Discussion in 'Sodom' started by Captain Zaven, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    I'm assuming that 'No Man's Sky' is some sort of space exploration game?

    Regardless, I hope you enjoy it anyways.

    I'd like to play more of the video games that I have right about now, but I feel more motivated to do a ton of reading nowadays. Makes sense if I want to take a serious shot at writing novels, though. Plus it turns out that I just like print mediums more. :)
  2. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

    It's a space exploration game where you can also explore procedurally generated planets

    it could be good, or it could be that every planet is exactly the same shit that looks slightly different. nobody knows
  3. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

    also coming out soon:
    -hyper light drifter
    -dark souls 3
    -bear simulator (apparently came out a month ago and I had no idea)
  4. iirc No Man's Sky is procedurally generated Once, so that everyone is exploring the same universe that's got like 4 billion + something stars/planets or whatever the fuck so it's just Really Vast
  5. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

    It's actually a MMO isn't it? It's just so vast that meeting other players is rare
  6. Blank_

    Blank_ Transgender Asshole

    I'm not really sure what the status on the multiplayer is, actually.
  7. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Huh. That could be a fun game. Then again the closest thing to an MMO that I've played so far is Starbound and I haven't touched that one in months. I just don't really like MMOs that much in general, I guess.

    Hyper Light Drifter looks super cool, though. :)
  8. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member B├╝rgermeister

    Starbound is the best. I think the closest I play to an MMO would be Destiny? No man's sky looks super pretty though. also I have a cold, sorry if my responses are kind of fuzzy brained.
    (Also I have Fire Emblem Conquest! Suck it good guys, I'mma crush yoooou)
  9. Blank_

    Blank_ Transgender Asshole

    I really like starbound and I have Terraria on my ps4

    Gotta admit though that the most solid reason I have for liking no man's sky is the art direction
  10. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Oh my god, yes, the artwork for this game is so sexy. It's like God spilled a set of watercolour paints over all of reality. :eek:

    Also, I should probably get back into Starbound at some point because it was a ton of fun when I was playing it (I still remember breaking into secret bases and covertly stealing everything of value from them while evading the guards :D) . Also, it's cool that other people here like it. :)
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  11. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Hm, I do enjoy pretty games. Speaking of, I should actually beat Shadow of the Colossus one of these days instead of tooling around in the field all the time, haha.

    Lately I've mostly been playing Fire Emblem though, haha. I beat Birthright first, but I couldn't stop myself from getting Conquest and then Relevation >.>
    My poor wallet, argh.

    I don't think I've ever shipped as aggressively as I have the last month.
  12. Blank_

    Blank_ Transgender Asshole

    I've been watching NMS videos on YouTube for the past couple weeks now.

    Also, got my computer fixed and i am now downloading so many updates
  13. Blank_

    Blank_ Transgender Asshole

    Even as hyped as I am for this game, when someone says "this game is going to be great!" Before it's its release, I always grimace
  14. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Bad News, Summer came way too early here this year and I'm not looking forward to five+ months of record-breaking heat (because we all know that's an inevitability at this point).

    Good News, I'm going to be catching up with an old friend and attending a Birthday Party involving beer and bowling, so that's all something to look forward towards. :)

    @ NaP - That's what happens when you play a game that actively encourages you to marry your units, I suppose.

    @ Blank - Well you know what they say about not counting your chickens before they hatch, even if they are watercoloured space chickens.
  15. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Tri no

    You don't know the pain of the Maritimes

    Do not complain about your excessive sunshine

    Bowling is rad though, hope that was/will be fun.

    Also yeah I feel you Blank, premature hype is incredibly cringe-worthy. Although to be fair I almost never get games that are under a year old, haha.
  16. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    I still feel good about not worrying about the shitshow that is the American Election anymore.

    Now time to worry about things that will further my chosen carrier path!


    @ NaP - I honestly have no idea how much it rains out there (and I'm assuming it does), but I'd take a bit more rain over endless sunshine any day, especially since a trend of sunny days every day starting in March-April helped contribute to a severe drought last year.

    We're talking a literal 'scorched earth' here.

    And I'm also hoping that the bowling will be fun, especially since it's something called 'Glow Bowling'. It's like regular bowling except that everything glows in the dark. :)

    Edit - Also, it occurs to me that my problems with the Summer are less a direct result of the heat and more the stuff that it is indirectly responsible for, such as a near-constant lack of sleep and heat/possible dehydration induced headaches. I'll have to figure out how to mitigate all of this stuff to the best of my abilities.
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  17. Blank_

    Blank_ Transgender Asshole

    I asked a girl out on a date and she said yes. She's a blacksmith, a self styled valkyrie, and a former special forces operator. And she loves to wear gothic Lolita stuff.
  18. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Congrats, Blank! Sounds like a hot date.

    @Tri I dunno man, I did a 3-month stint in the dry season of Costa Rica and besides being absurdly hot literally all the time, it was kind of nice. All in all, though, a moderate amount of rain is still the best. Dehydration is seriously not fun...yeah, definitely try to avoid that.

    Glow bowling sounds rad! We have a glow-in-the-dark minigolf around here, and it's pretty great.

    As for me, my hamster just died today....I felt really bad because he was clearly dying late last night and I couldn't do anything for him. He was pretty old for a hamster, I guess...I'm not torn up about it, but I wish I could have done something in the end. I guess I'll have to dig a nice grave when it stops raining outside.
  19. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    @ Blank_ - Yeah, congrats Blank. She sounds like an awesome person. :)

    @NaP - At the very least that's what I think. Hydration helped today, but maybe I just don't handle heat that well. :/
  20. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member B├╝rgermeister

    Whoa Blank, she sounds awesome!

    Also I'm so so sorry to hear that NaP. I'm definitely the kind that gets way too attached to those awesome little buggers. I hope you're doing okay.

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