Let's Play D&D (5e)!

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    Okay so I can't fit more than 5 people in private conversations, so I'm moving it all here. Mostly for Tesseract, Ging, and DMX's convenience :p

    Not sure how many players I can handle, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it haha

    Hey, I heard y'all want to play D&D. Well, you're in luck(?)! I've been thinking for a while it might be fun to try and run a campaign, and now that I'll be taking classes again I'm going to have a pretty regular routine, so this seems like a good time.

    Some things you should know:

    I'm still sorting out exactly how it's going to go down, but right now the idea is to use the site Roll20 to play...we're going text-based for this one. Skype text messaging will probably also come into play for ooc stuff, etc. I guess we'll see??

    I've never DM'd before, so I'm going to have to do my research and figure out what I'm doing. Also write some stuff for the world, campaign, etc. I have some resources, but if you have any to suggest I could probably use it haha.

    We'll be playing 5th edition D&D! Everything you need to know should be in the Player's Handbook, a pdf of which can be found at: http://vk.com/doc30076597_321983871

    You can also use the Elemental Evil supplement book if you want, which has some extra races and spells and such: http://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/dnd/EE_PlayersCompanion.pdf

    Also, if there's something special you want to do with a character, hit me up and maybe we can work something out, as long as it's fair.

    The setting is going to be fantasy-magicky-funtimes, more or less. I'm going to work on the details, but I'd like to incorperate people's backstories into it if I can. I really want to move the game along based on the characters' motivations, so when you're coming up with them be sure to think of at least one short term and long term goal for them (example: short term goal: paying off a debt. Long term goal: get unfathomably rich).

    There's an open invitation to re-use characters you've created for other games, if you want, or you can go from scratch and roll with it. It would probably be wise to try and arrange for a balanced party by consulting your fellow group members.

    So far we have for players Triguy, Almonds, Ecto, and my lovely lady friend, known as Shylittleghost. I'll add everyone to a skype conversation too, so you can keep in touch that way if you like.

    It seems that Shy is going to play some sort of heavy melee class, so that's one member down.

    I also need to have an idea of when people might be free. Days of the week and rough times would be good to know. Not to mention Timezones :p

    I'll be sure to keep in touch! I'm probably going to be brainstorming a lot over the next few days...let me know if you have any questions or ideas.
  2. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Okay, I have some world info done up. More to follow, but this is the basic setting:

    This game takes place on a world with a massive crevice running all the way around the middle, north to south. The crevice is 5-7km deep and about 3000km across (would take a little over a month to traverse the width). There is an incredibly powerful forcefield covering the earth about a kilometer underground which seals off the chasm and prevents all life from entering or exiting. It also prevents magic, interplanar travel, teleportation beyond it, etc.

    At the bottom of the chasm are towns, cities, forests, hills, small lakes...most of the things you would expect to see in a normal place. However, the land beneath the chasm lacks oceans and mountains. There are an abundance of underground rock labyrinths, tunnels, etc. In a few places, water crashes down from above, or else wells up from the ground in rivers and ponds.

    There is little wind in the chasm, but rain does penetrate the barrier. There are very few drastic weather effects except those caused by magic.

    It has been like this as long as anyone can remember, which is at least 4000 years. Before that things get a little muzzy, and there are few remaining sources that can accurately describe what took place.

    You live inside the chasm. Nobody knows what it's like up top.
  3. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    The chasm is gradually filling with miasma, a by-product of magic that is seeping up through the ground. Many underground caverns and tunnels are in danger of filling up with it, and miasma swamps are becoming increasingly common. Miasma has always been present, but it's only over the last few hundred years that it's been widely recognized as a problem. Many efforts have been made to solve the problem, ranging from sealing the miasma underground (physically or magically), trying to neutralize it, or finding a way to break the barrier at the top of the chasm.

    Miasma has dangerous, life-shortening and illness-inducing effects, although it usually takes a high degree of exposure for one to be strongly affected by it. Certain races are more susceptible to its effects, elves being the most affected and dragonborns the least.

    Typically, miasma is neutralized by spirits called Esprits who dwell in nature. Esprits are not sentient and largely passive, only reacting to magic or other circumstances in their environment. Esprits possess a natural magic, different from (and weaker than) the kind that is typically used by the gods and magic-users. Esprit magic focuses on healing and elemental spells.

    If a large group of Esprits gather together, they may gain sentience and a solid form. Otherwise they live in the air, rocks, water, etc, and are invisible. Think of them like a “will of the land” sort of deal.
  4. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Here's some basics on the religion.

    The people of the Chasm worship a small pantheon of gods...but, save one, they haven't appeared in several centuries. Some people are beginning to lose faith and believe that they have been abandoned, while others cling even more tightly to their faith. These people tend to resist the movement to break the barrier, believing it was placed there for a good cause by the gods.

    Some people are beginning to worship the Esprits as well, in a movement against the traditional pantheon. These people are typically all about breaking the barrier.

    The gods are:

    Madrisa the grey mother, goddess of Life and Death. Depicted as a woman in a grey cloak with the hood up, traditionally shown with dark skin and white hair. Said to be merciful, yet just.

    Sysk the record keeper, god/goddess (nobody knows) of Knowledge. Depicted as an ethereal, fey-like child with ink-black eyes who holds a feather as long as they are tall and wears a white gown. Said to be continuously recording history deep in the foundations of the world.

    Agrefall the unrepentant, god of Trickery. Depicted as a young man with ram's horns, wild black hair, dark skin (like Madrisa), and vivid green eyes. Said to be the son of Madrisa, whom she wishes to forgive for his actions, if he would only show regret.

    Tyrna the caller to arms, the goddess of War. Depicted as a tall and commanding woman with lily-white skin and blonde hair that flows like a banner, wearing a shining suit of armour that covers all but her head. She wears a sword on one hip and a horn on the other. Said to always be wearing a faint and beautiful smile, even in battle.

    Mauzi the wild one, god of Nature and Tempests. Depicted with the legs and head of a moose, and the torso of a man. Said to be stoic and elusive, but gentle. He's the only god who has been seen in the chasm for a long time.
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    This one's about races! I'm including all the standard D&D races, and a homebrew class on request. This section is just a couple of details related to the specific world that I made up, but otherwise what the handbook says goes.


    Elves: Highly susceptible to miasma poisoning. Their population has been on decline, and their lifespan has been drastically affected by exposure to miasma. In the chasm they typically live between 300-475 years. They tend to group together, and some groups are nomadic.

    Humans: Relative to other races, humans have been thriving. They have lots of cities and towns, and have various forms of governance. They are highly involved in efforts to solve the miasma problem.

    Dragonborn: Resistant to miasma poisoning; they have natural filtration systems in their bodies. Fairly rare, and even though they are intimidating they are highly prized for their resistance to the miasma.

    Aarakocra: Small populations. They often live in caves gouged out from the cliffsides, way up high, and are not often seen below.

    Gnomes: Tend to live in small villages, not being overly concerned about the goings-on in the world at large. When it comes to religion, they often embrace both sides instead of choosing one, mixing and matching practices.

    Halflings: Like humans, halflings have been doing pretty well for themselves. They are quite mercantile, taking advantage of their charm and ability to get along with other races.

    Dwarves: Have gradually been isolating themselves in fortresses and strongholds, attempting to seal the miasma out of their domains. Many of them believe that destroying the barrier is wrong, and hold their faith in the gods.

    Half-elves: There's quite a few due to the nomadic nature of the elves and their dwindling population. Their elven blood makes them sensitive to miasma.

    Half Centaurs: Generally agreed to be a mistake of nature. Heaven forbid if they were born with a horse head. They usually try to pass themselves off as human.

    Tieflings: Thought to be descended from Agrefall, the trickster god.Many are prejudiced against them. They also have a slight resistance to the miasma.

    Orcs: Some travel in nomadic groups, but they also have a little empire in the north that they are very proud of. Most other races are a little nervous of them.

    If you want to play a different race, let me know and we'll see if I can work something out :)
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    As already mentioned, I am ready to go at any time - perhaps. I'll need to figure out how this fits into my Schedule.

    Still thinking of Mage, may play Human or Half-Elf, etc.
  7. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    That's all I have for now....I'm a bit self-conscious about my creative endeavors when I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing, so bear with me I guess...

    So far in the party we have a half-centaur barbarian, a human paladin, and an elf/human/?? wizard.

    RE: scheduling: Anyone have some rough estimates of when they'll be available? For me, I'm free on friday afternoons, Saturday evenings, morning/afternoon sundays, and all other evenings during the week.
  8. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Oh yeah, and if anyone's concerned about not being able to make it regularly, I'm 100% down with two (or several???) people sharing a character through split-personality/soul possession shenanigans of some sort. Just as an idea.
  9. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Weekends are generally bad for me. All other days/times are based on my Work Schedule for that week.

    Guess that's why I'm a little hesitant about going ahead on this.
  10. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Honestly, a weekday evening would probably be best for me, since I do volunteering/on-call shifts on the weekend that make it a little unpredictable. I COULD make an effort to do it if it's the best time, but it would be kind of annoying.
  11. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    Well, I made my adorable halfling druid. ♥

    As for schedules. Well, Mondays are pretty solid for me if we need to do it on a weekday. Saturdays are free. And Fridays are free. Though I work part-time so my schedules are prone to change every now and then. But it also means I can move my work hours around a lot as I decide my own hours.

    I'll think on my character's background story over the upcoming days.
  12. Almost Human

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    Wellllll a thought dawns on me.
    My schedule is pretty tight, and I am a bit more interested in the game I have going now than I was before, so if you'd like someone can take my spot but I'd still be pretty interested in making a character for your world if that's okay? They don't have to be playable or part of the story, but it would be me an excuse to follow along and do some dumb doodles from time to time.
  13. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Mannn yes I would love that! I'm glad your other game is going better, too.

    If you're willing or able to play at any point you can probably jump right in, too hehehe. I'll find a way :p

    Go ahead and make it as detailed or sparse as you want. I need more characters to use for the story anyhow.
  14. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Oh man, if you'd like me to help you out with some NPCs I'd be completely on board. I'm not very good with the whole numbers side of D&D but I do enjoy whacky backstories and strange characters.
  15. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    This is all I want out of life haha
    Yes please!!

    Truthfully...I'm probably gonna play a little fast and loose with numbers. I've got no head for minutiae.
  16. Almost Human

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    numbers are for people who can't solve all their problems with charisma rolls!
  17. NotAPumpkin

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  18. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    I have created a character, but if they may be used as an npc I'm not sure I should post them here or privately? I'm not sure it's a character that anyone would be able to play, I kind of didn't assign a class...or even a proper race. Look, it's complicated okay?
  19. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Ooooh. I'm very intrigued. Want to PM it to me, and then we'll see?
  20. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Oh yo, for the players:

    You're forming an adventuring group by being hired/coerced/asked/choosing to/infiltrating a mission to research miasma, sponsered by the human government in one of their major cities.

    If you need help with a motivation for why you're going, let me know :)

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