[PONY] The Obligatory Thread of the Equines of Diminutive Manner

Discussion in 'Pop Culture' started by gingerale, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. gingerale

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    [PONY] The Obligatory Thread for the Equines of Diminutive Manner


    You have just wandered into the local pony thread. At the moment it seems rather quiet with a lone person cleaning the bar counter and arranging the bottles behind it north of you. To your east you see sets of cushioned seats arranged around each table from three sides. There are various portraits of pony art by the wall there. To the west you see a stage for musical performances.

    You notice the overall mood feeling extraordinarily cozy and welcoming.

    The exits are north, east and west.

    > _



    I saw the forum having a serious lack of ponies so I had to post this! <3
    Basically this is for all My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic related posts.

    If you have been living so badly under a rock or in a cardboard box you have avoided ponies altogether let me sum this thing up.
    *inhaaale* This is the fourth and latest iteration of My Little Pony franchise. There was a producer who wanted to make an intelligent show for girls known as Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls with a toyline she had designed. Her original idea was refused but during the interview she was offered to create the new generation of MLP. This person was an animation veteran Lauren Faust.
    She put together a team of experienced artists, writers, directors, musicians, and other people who all had done plenty of toons in the past, got them all passionate about the show and created something many regard to be currently the best thing on TV. Suddenly the show had a massive, massive, MASSIVE following. And it really deserves it too.

    Give it a try. Really. I personally wasn't able to get past the opening the first time I tried but that was simply because of the prejudice I held towards the show because of its past. But.. I later gave a try to a few of the first episodes and soon finished all of the current episodes. And haven't regretted it once. ^^



    Here's some wonderful links,


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  2. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

    This is already probably the best thread on these forums, but I think it could be about 20% cooler.
    I am looking forward to Season 2, and am pretty sure I've memorized almost all of Winter Wrap Up.
    Oh, and Cupcakes (the song, not the fanfic).

    But I certainly hope Season 2 has at least as many musical numbers as Season 1.
    It is what hook-line-and-sunk me into loving it as much as I do.
  3. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    Really? I never cared that much for the musical pieces. Heck, I skipped parts of 'Art of the Dress' when I watched it. I mean they're technically great work and the singers do their job magnificently. But.. It's just not for me. ^^

    Also how would I make this 20% cooler? Anything you'd like to add to the OP? :B
  4. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

    I can't think of anything to really improve the OP right now!
    I'm sure I'll think of something for it sometime though.

    And to each their own really,
    I like the musical numbers a heckuva lot, but I also enjoy the jokes and characters.
    A lot of the show is very likable!
    Especially Rarity.
    (She's the best pony)
    ((but not really, that's Trixie))
  5. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    I have an idea! I'll switch the image to an amazing video! Sure it's crazy asian-speak but it's still friggen' awesome! <3

    And yes, Trixie is the best pony. Always. No contest.
    Except when Flutterrage. ^^ But ssshh.. Spoilers.
  6. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    I made a fan pony. Her name is "THE LIGHTNING COLT"
    and after a lab accident she has the power of the speed force. Like the flash.

    I just need to draw her, now.
  7. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Oh shit I need to finish Ginger's last pony pose!
  8. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    "last pony pose"? Wait, what?
  9. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

    Its a secret!
    But you'll love it!
  10. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear.. I'm not very good at receiving things. D:
  11. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

    Let me put it this way!
    Had Almost Human gotten you as the person to gift in the exchange, it would have been a big surprise!
    I'm sure you'll love it.

    But this is all I'm going to say!
    I don't think Almost Human would be too happy with me saying anymore.
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  12. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Oh man, if I'd gotten Ginger for the exchange I would have broken myself trying to finish that.
    As it is right now though, the only thing I'm unhappy about is how illogical ponies heads look in 3/4.
    Hell design team.
    What the hell.
  13. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    Oh I know. I avoid drawing them from that angle for a reason. Thank goodness I introduced centaurs. Now I can easily get my fix of 3/4. xD

    Also thank goodness you didn't get me then. You had enough trouble back then as it was. <.<
  14. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Ugh still have lots of trouble! Work wont even hint when it's going to start so I have no idea if I can dive into new projects, if I should be looking for another job in the meantime or if I start tomorrow! Ze Germans are quite uncompromising.
    So I'm done your pony, but I noticed a few small fixes I wanted to make and of course Flash isn't opening now. Or rather it will open and will freeze because I am running awesome technology that's older than some of our fellow forumites.
  15. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

    Good things come to those who wait!
    And from what I've seen, this is well worth the wait!
  16. ShyGuy

    ShyGuy Guest

    I like the show. my sister has been a mlp obsessive for years, so we had all the old cartoons (and she has like, literally a thousand of the little bastards). I've memorized winter wrap up for the terrorist ear-worm it is.

    My question though and please don't think I'm being facetious or condescending or anything: how can you keep up the interest in a show like mlp when there are no new episodes to talk about? Has fandom reached the point where you don't even need the original product to keep it going? Is it the art aspect that you can still draw or write (compared to say, fans of breaking bad or something)? See, I figured the pony thing would simmer down a bit when season 1 ended and it seems I was dead friggin' wrong.
  17. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Are you kidding? Stuff like Star Wars fandom lingered years before their was new material.
    Fans will always be able to amuse themselves with what they have until new material pops up.
  18. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    Well you still should be getting work in the future! So I'd say a lot more relaxing atmosphere at the moment! ^^

    And on another not, holy crap you're amazing, AH! I love you so much right now! <3

    @ShyGuy: The fandom. There's new content out everyday. So. Much. Content. There's a Mario Kart clone in works. Then there's a fighting game. And then there was that amazing Applebloom flash game on Newgrounds. And that's just games.
    There's also so, so much music, events, arts and all sorts of creations appearing all the time!
    Not to even mention the fanfic scene.
  19. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

    @Almost Human
    Do you still have the pics of pony me?
    Sad to say after my laptop was wiped I lost them.
    So I'd love to get those back if you still got 'em!

    like gingerale and AH have said,
    The fandom is the answer.
    They keep each other entertained and amused long after the first season is over!
    and once season two begins, we can look forward to even more fun!
    (and maybe some new ponies!)
  20. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Ponies are how I buy love.
    It is my econony.

    Ja. I don't delete things I give as presents in case things need to be fixed or changed. Do you want your avatar or the whole set?

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